"Path to Sparring" Vol 1 & 2 Christmas Gift Set
Set of 2 x DVDs by Grandmaster William Cheung
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2 x DVDs by Grandmaster William Cheung

Vol 1 contains:
The essentials for training Traditional Wing Chun are covered in this DVD. An in-depth study of the Grandmaster's Chi Sao techniques. Discover the methodology that will guide the practitioner to higher levels of effectiveness in offensive and defensive skills. Plus the most comprehensive training and application of the Chum Kil form techniques ever offered. A must for the true Wing Chun enthusiast

Vol 2 contains:
Completely new information on training the Traditional Wing Chun system. Advanced Wing Chun techniques and application against other styles of fighting. The Grandmaster's famous entry technique, "The body becomes a shield when attacking an opponent's defence". Advanced Chi Sao and cross-arm Chi Sao teaches what to do once making contact with an opponent. Training drills for developing lightning fast reflexes. Also a rare demonstration of Grandmaster Cheung performing the Shil Lim Tao form.


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