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Complete Wing Chun System by Grandmaster William Cheung
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This is a special limited edition 400+ page book by Grandmaster William Cheung for the occasion of The Return of Wing Chun to its Birthplace - the Shaolin Temple during which a copy of the book was presented personally to the Abbott Shi Yongxin by Grandmaster William Cheung.  The book is written in Chinese and English language.  Topics covered in this book include -

History of Wing Chun
Wing Chun: Techniques and Fighting System
The Shil Lim Tao Form
The Chum Kil Form
The Bil Jee Form
Wooden Dummy
Dragon Pole
Butterfly Swords
Chi Sao
Lesson Program
Wing Chun Dim Mak
and more...

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Name : John
Location : Melbourne
Title : Great
Review : Amazing book

Please let me know where I can order the book in Europe.

At the moment we need to send the book to you from Australia as we don't have stock in Europe at present.

Hello I'm from Devon in the united kingdom. I would like to ask if this book explains the use of meridians in Win Chun Combat... I have explored and studied many martial arts and have settled on Win Chun as my favourite hand to hand art. I will definitely consider buying your book as it is so complete when I get paid next

Yes, chapter 2 covers 'Chi' and explains meridians.

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