Kung Fu Training Pants, heavy cotton
Heavy cotton, diamond crotch with embroidered lettering


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These heavy duty cotton training pants have 'Wing Chun' wording down one leg, and our embroidered logo on the opposite side.  They also feature an elasticized waist with drawstring, and diamond crotch for stretching.



S:     length from waist to ankle = 93cm;
         length from crotch to ankle = 69cm;
         waist (lying flat with elastic relaxed) = 32cm

M:     length from waist to ankle = 97cm;
         length from crotch to ankle = 70cm;
         waist (lying flat with elastic relaxed) = 33cm

L:      length from waist to ankle = 99cm;
         length from crotch to ankle = 72cm;
         waist (lying flat with elastic relaxed) = 34cm

XL:    length from waist to ankle = 104cm;
         length from crotch to ankle = 77cm;
         waist (lying flat with elastic relaxed) = 36cm

XXL:  length from waist to ankle = 109cm;
         length from crotch to ankle = 81cm;
          waist (lying flat with elastic relaxed) = 39cm


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